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Acoustic Bass 

     Czech 3/4 Size Upright Bass 

     Ampeg Baby Bass 


Electric Basses 

     Ibanez 1988 Custom Made Soundgear Bass 

     Ibanez Mc924 Bass 

     Ibanez Mid 90s Soundgear Bass 



     EBS Combo Bass Amp 

     Polytone Acoustic Bass Amp 


Stage Gear 

     Alembic Preamp 

     Art Nightbass Effects Module 

     Yamaha P2200 Power Amp 

     Bag End Speakers - 2 (15s) and 2 (12s) 

     Alternative Speaker Cabinets: 

     Hartke 15 and 12 inch bass cabinet 

     Ampeg 15 and 12 inch bass cabinet 

     Yamaha Drum Stool

The Chief - From the album Now's The Time - Live at the Knitting Factory
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The content was conceptualized to express and expand story elements that define the legacy of Alex Blake.  As a brand, Mr. Blake is known internationally for his ingenuity, and for the inspiration that transcends his mastery on stage.

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